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Jerry Herman

Where or what would the Broadway musical landscape have been without Jerry Herman? His effervescent musicals "Hello, Dolly!" and "Mame" were two of the defining shows of the 1960s. These two megahits alone gave us a wealth of bonafide Broadway showtune classics: Hello, Dolly!; Put on Your Sunday Clothes; Before the Parade Passes By; Mame; If He Walked Into My Life; We Need a Little Christmas; It's Today.

Two of his shows that fared less well on Broadway, "Dear World" and "Mack and Mabel," not only developed cult-like status, but also gave us two of his best scores. "Dear World" gave us "Kiss Him Now," and "I Don't Want to Know." "Mack and Mabel" contains the classics "I Won't Send Roses," "Wherever He Ain't," and "Time Heals Everything."

Jerry Herman is that rarity: not only does he write both music and lyrics, but he is able to write both big, brassy up-tempo numbers and classic torch ballads with equal aplomb and success.

--Commentary by Eric Brown.

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Jerry Herman


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