“My one hour session with Holly was filled with ideas, feedback, encouragement and insights into the structure of a great musical. I went from being blocked and stuck to having clarity and being able to move forward with positive energy. Holly was a great listener and really understood what I was trying to achieve. She is a pro and knows what she is talking about! I will be using her as an ally and resource.”
~Linda B.

“Holly was generous and forthright as she shared her experience and wisdom with me and my collaborator. Her expertise and perspective opened our path significantly. The information she shared with us saved us a lot of time and frustration. She does not sugar coat the realities of marketing and production, but presents them in a manner that helps writers use succeed in this very competitive industry. I feel fortunate to have met her and learned from her.”
~Donna Gay A.
“Holly was very helpful, knowledgeable and insightful! Our musical is early in the development process and we consulted with Holly about many of the business related aspects of the project including pitch packets, readings, social media/web site promotion and much more. Her suggestions really helped move us forward in the right direction. Highly recommended!!”
~ Teddy C


The Collective is an exclusive gathering of writers, creative team members, and theatre entrepreneurs who are ready to be smart, aggressive, and accountable in moving their show—and career—forward.

Limited to 15 individuals or writing teams, The Collective will meet monthly with CEO Holly Reed. A creative strategist, author, entrepreneur, designer, musical writer, director and producer, Holly has gathered a wealth of expertise on both the creative and business side of musical development. She’s also made some pretty great connections with insider folks in the industry.

Additionally, a Broadway industry pro will join The Collective each quarter to answer questions, offer advice, and explain how things work in the upper levels of development. Everyone started somewhere, and these ordinary folks with extraordinary drive and passion will share how they made their dreams happen.

Discussions will include:

  • How to network effectively both in person and online
  • Developing an effective pitch packet
  • How to find and pitch to investors
  • Determining appropriate next steps
  • Building your Creative Team
  • Balancing Vision & Reality
  • Budgeting, Legal Matters, Contracts, etc.
  • Motivation and Time Management
  • Determining your audience, product-market fit & unique selling proposition

Welcome to The Collective. It’s time to achieve big things.





  • Meets once per month for 2 hours for 12 months
  • Limited to 15 members. Each member may bring a collaborator at no additional cost.
  • Members selected based on application
  • Quarterly guest speakers from Broadway industry pros
  • Monthly meetings will take place online via Zoom (or similar video conferencing platform)
  • 12 months will conclude with an in-person Annual Retreat
  • Includes (1) membership in MusicalWriters Academy
  • All members receive a hard copy of the Ultimate Musical Writer’s Planner.
  • Cost: $1200 annually. May be paid in one payment of $1200 or 2 payments of $600.

Here’s how it works:

Sessions: During each online session, members will discuss the progress, roadblocks or challenges of where they are currently in their musical’s development. The sessions may center around a certain topic, but will also allow members the freedom to share their specific questions and circumstances.

Members: The registered member will be the point of contact. Members may invite an additional collaborator to all sessions. The collaborator may be the same at every meeting, or you may bring different team members to different meetings if desired. For the Annual Retreat, only the registered member and one other participant is allowed.

Scheduling: Session dates and times will be set up after discussing the scheduling needs of the entire group. We’ll do our best to accommodate time zones and work commitments.

Application: Teams are required to fill out an online application. Only the lead team member is required to apply.

Application deadline is September 10, 2020.

Have questions? Email