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Musical Writer’s Planner

Introducing the Ultimate Musical Writers’ Planner— a central location to brainstorm, develop, plan and calendar all of the exciting things that go into creating a new musical!

You’ll find guides on outlining story structure and character development, charts for determining vocal ranges and rhyme patterns, checklists for readings and marketing, goal planning sheets, a 12-month planning calendar, and much, much more. It’s the ULTIMATE planner and workbook to take you from concept to stage.


The ‘Ultimate Musical Writer’s Planner’ is an ingenious, powerful tool that musical theatre writers at every level will find indispensable as an inspirational guide toward bringing their grandest theatrical dreams to life.”

~ Steve Cuden, Co-Creator of “Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical” and Author of “Beating Broadway: How to Create Stories for Musicals That Get Standing Ovations”

"I am OBSESSED with the detailed to-do lists and checklists. These are so thorough, well-organized, and informative! These lists were seriously perfect. I would absolutely use these, and I can totally see myself being more productive and efficient with this kind of guidance."

Caroline, a musical writer in Louisiana

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What’s Inside

Story Structure

Outline your show using the Hero’s Journey and the Seven Plot Points.

Music & Songwriting

Explore Rhyming Patterns, Vocal Ranges, Chord Progressions and Lyric Ideas

Developmental Steps

Plan Readings with Budget Sheets, Task Lists, Contact Lists, and Timelines.

Monthly & Weekly Calendars

Schedule Important Tasts, Milestones, and Events.

Goal Planners

Set SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Oriented

Submissions & Marketing

Know What You Need to Effectively Submit & Promote Your Musical


Holly Reed is the owner and Creative Director of Reed Creative Group, an award-winning graphic and web design company. She is past owner and CEO of MusicalWriters.com. In addition to bringing over 20 years experience in creative direction, marketing and brand consulting for the non-profit, startup, and entertainment industries, she is also a speaker, writer, and coach to aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers of all sorts. Holly (book/lyrics/music) and her husband Kelvin Reed (music) are thrilled about the trajectory of their upcoming show TRUE NORTH: A Magical New Holiday Musical. Holly and Kelvin were commissioned to write “That’s What Friends Do” for Girlhood the Musical (CPA Theatricals) and Camp McAuliffe, which is now Camp [MySchool] the Musical, a fully customizable grade school musical. Holly is a member of ASCAP and the Dramatists Guild and holds a BFA in design and music from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is co-founder of the Ally’s Wish Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in North Texas devoted to granting a last wish to young, terminally ill mothers with children. For a peek into Holly’s personal life and interests, visit WhimseyJane.com.

“If you’re not scared, your dream’s not big enough.” ~Simon Sinek