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I am in my second Writers Group. The quality of the mentors and the other writers has been outstanding. The synergy generated in the groups and the knowledge that I have a date to write to has supported my writing. I’ve made lasting connections with the mentors and the other writers.  What are you waiting for!

Our online Writers Groups are designed to help musical theatre writers build community, hear their work read, and receive safe and helpful feedback on their writing.

  • Meet once per month for 1-2 hours for 12 months (facilitators will contact group members to schedule the best time for the group to meet)
  • Writers Groups include no more than 8 members to ensure adequate sharing time for each member
  • Meet online through Zoom (or similar video conferencing platforms)

Here’s how it works: During each online session, you will present a single scene you’ve been working on. You’ll assign each group member a character role to read. If you have a song within the scene, you’ll need a demo that everyone can to listen to ahead of time. The group won’t be sight-reading your music during the session, the lyrics will just be read as dialogue. After the scene is read, the group will give feedback. You are not required to present each month, but to respect the other writers and allow for the highest benefit of the group, you must be present even if you are not presenting. The session dates and times will be set up by the group facilitator after discussing the scheduling needs of the entire group.

Our next round of Writers Groups begin in the new year! Register now!

Cost: $349*

*Academy Members receive FREE enrollment in one Writers Group! (Join here.)

Group members’ responses to works presented were always genuine and thoughtful, and I think often reflective of a general audience reaction. I personally found much in the critiques that led me to immediate rewrites to improve scenes and songs.
~J. Linn

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3 reviews for Online Writers Groups

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    Michele R Hampton (verified owner)

    This online writers group is so much more than I ever anticipated. Cate Cammeratta brings a wealth of knowledge to the group and creates a safe space in which to share our work and receive extremely constructive feedback. I look forward to each month’s meeting!

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    Trish (verified owner)

    Our leader Cate was absolutely amazing. She was so kind and knowledgeable about musical theatre. You will not regret joining. It is a wonderful opportunity that I highly recommend.

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    Ed l. (verified owner)

    Our online writing group has been a wonderful experience. Our facilitator does an excellent job of guiding the group to provide constructive feedback. Our class has become a supportive community. I greatly enjoy both giving and getting the feedback from the facilitator and the talented other group members.

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