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I'm just starting out.... I have an idea and a blank page.

Have a great idea for a new musical?
Find tips on structure, character development, formatting, and more!

I have a complete script and music. Now what?

Congrats on getting a draft complete! Next steps include getting feedback, self-evaluation, and rewrites.

I've had a reading or two. How do I get to the next stage?

After readings and rewrites, it’s time to get that show up! Find tips on self-producing, submitting and pitching.

We get it—we’re in the trenches with you!

The process of writing a musical and getting it produced can be tough—and lonely. Our team is made of writers, directors and musicians just like you, so we understand! We’re here to share what we know—and are learning—to make the journey a little easier!

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“The classes are extremely well constructed and valuable. I find practical information I didn’t even learn in graduate school that comes from established industry professionals.”

Donna Gay Anderson

Librettist and Playwright, Louisiana

Informative website, a positive environment for creatives, and great people running this site. Recommend!

Stephen Hoover

Screenwriter, Attorney, Louisiana

This is my 4th year with Academy and I’m already writing my second musical. MusicalWriters Academy offers a ton of groups, resources, and events that keep me connected and inspired.

Pam Dudley

Book, Lyrics & Music, Texas

Resources & Articles

Writing the Script

Learn the nuts and bolts of creating a musical story with inspiration from Broadway pros.

Writing Lyrics

Tips on perfect rhyme, writing for specific characters, and musical theatre song types


Key art, websites, social media, pitch decks and other ways to market your show


Learn how to prepare your submission packet to best stand out to producers and theatres

Composing & Music

Song spotting, creating orchestrations, piano/vocal scores, demo recordings, vocal arranging

Pro Services

Specialized services for writers including Script Reviews, Script Formatting, Coaching, and more


Recommended books, book reviews, and excerpts from our favorite outside sources

Studying the Greats

Dive into successful musicals to discover how they work and what makes them great

Script Formatting Service
Private Coaching on New Musicals
Full Script Coverage

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