Be authentic and passionate about your project.  Be prepared to share your vision effectively.
Be open to suggestions and remain coachable.
~Larry Rogowsky

Tony Award-Winning producer Larry Rogowsky gives advice on self-producing, raising money, vanity projects, and the importance of feedback.

How do you feel about Crowdfunding projects?

Larry Rogowsky: I’m not a fan of Crowdfunding projects as it makes it seem amateur.

How do you prefer to first connect with a writer?

Larry Rogowsky: An introduction from a trusted source is best if possible.

What are the biggest mistakes you see writers make when trying to push their show forward?

Larry Rogowsky: The biggest mistake is not being flexible and willing to take constructive criticism/feedback.

Do producers typically have a preference on cast size?

Larry Rogowsky: Smaller is always better as that effects budget.

What typically is the first thing that attracts you to a show?

Larry Rogowsky: It has to emotionally engage me by telling a compelling story.

Do you encourage writers to self-produce?

Larry Rogowsky: No. It could look like a vanity project.  Do your best to find someone to produce. You also need an outside eye for feedback.

Do you accept invitations to readings?

Larry Rogowsky:  Yes.

Do you have any preferences or opinions on adaptations vs. jukebox musicals vs. original musicals?

Larry Rogowsky: If it’s good, it’s good no matter what.

Should the writer be required to raise money?

Larry Rogowsky: Not required, but they can if they want to have more of a stake.

What are the ins and outs of bringing in a co-producer (rich friend!) to help raise money?

Larry Rogowsky:  It’s a great strategy.  Producers don’t need a license to do what they do.  They just need to be passionate about the show…and about YOU.  So finding a friend to be your Producer is a terrific idea.  They can learn the other stuff. And you can get them a great General Manager or Executive Producer to help with the logistics.

Any other tips and suggestions you have on getting a producer’s attention?

Larry Rogowsky: Bringing in a co-producer is a great idea. Just be up front with them about the risk involved, and have a lawyer to write up and deal with contracts.  The lead producer will typically bring in co-producers.

Special thanks to Larry Rogowsky for taking the time to share his insights and tips!


Larry RogowskiLarry Rogowsky is a Tony Award winning theatre producer. Broadway credits include Angels in America, Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812 (nominated for 12 Tony Awards); M. Butterfly; Disaster! The Musical; Significant Other. Upcoming: Jagged little Pill, Moulin Rouge. Off-Broadway: The Other Josh Cohen. Larry is also the owner of Urban Body Fix, a wellness consulting firm. He is skilled in Licensed Massage Therapy, Wellness Coaching, and Dietary Supplements. He is a strong business development professional.