Defining Musical Development Steps with Holly Reed

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Monday, March 20, 2023 at 7pm ET
(Class will be held via Zoom but will not be recorded.)

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Does anybody have a map?!??

Moving a musical from idea to stage isn’t a one-step process. Knowing what’s around the bend can be super helpful in charting a successful course!

Come learn what’s involved in the steps of musical development including timelines, budgets, and how to build the most effective team along the way.

Holly Reed is the owner and Creative Director of Reed Creative Group and CEO of She wrote music and lyrics for “That’s What Friends Do” (along with husband/composer Kelvin Reed) for Girlhood the Musical (CPA Theatricals). Holly and Kelvin also wrote the grade school musical Camp McAuliffe and the upcoming True North: A Magical New Holiday Musical. Holly is a member of ASCAP and the Dramatists Guild and holds a BFA in design and music.

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Defining Musical Development Steps with Holly Reed

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    Ann Eskridge (verified owner)

    This was really helpful. Holly laid it out in such a concise manner that it was easy to follow I also appreciate the fact that she included a budget for each stop. Now, I’m not flying blind.

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    Ed Levy (verified owner)

    This session was fabulous! It clarified and demystified the process and what is involved in each step. It was terrifically informative about the what to expect in terms of the what components are involved in each step and specifically what those components cost.

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    Marshall Hagins (verified owner)

    Committing time to “learn” something is always a risk – this felt perfect to me – to the point, clear, practical and suffused with encouragement – Holly gave us a fantastic introduction to the nuts and bolts of development steps for musicals.

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    Jane Bate (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough for Holly’s knowledge and experience, which shone through the entire presentation. I also greatly appreciate having all the info written down for us (in the event we could not all keep up with the pace of the presentation).

    Lastly, the smaller monthly group sessions are also tremendously beneficial! Thank you, MW’s!

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    Lucy Murray (verified owner)

    This was an excellent class. It was very helpful for Holly to share her experiences in such a clear way and include the sample budget worksheets.

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    Pooky Amsterdam (verified owner)

    Very insightful and Holly really knows her stuff! Thank you for this incredible session helping us get from here *on the page* to there *on the stage* Great class amazing value!

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    Donald Loftus (verified owner)

    Holly’s presentation was very well organized and very well presented. She simplified what can be a complex subject and patiently answered questions. Well done!

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    Holly’s class was so helpful for me to understand the differences of each stage of evolution for my musical. I feel much more knowledgeable now to discuss this with industry professionals. Thank you for providing information like this for us novices!

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    Excellent class! I’m just beginning my musical writing journey and having a roadmap of all the things that happen in the future is indispensable. Holly’s materials and teaching were clear and thorough. I’d highly recommend this course.

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