If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’re probably familiar with Instagram stories. It’s a great feature to use to give quick snapshots into what’s happening with your musical. Even if you’re in the early stages of writing, keep your friends posted on what you’re doing! I promise they think it’s pretty cool that you’re writing a musical!

Tip: If you’re down the road a bit and have a good working script and score, consider creating an Instagram account for the musical itself. While your friends are cool with seeing your progress, once you’re ready to do some full blown marketing, it’s best to separate that from your personal life. You can use your show’s Instagram to post developmental updates, photos of readings and rehearsals, performance clips, and whatever else is happening that keeps your social momentum going.

I love adding stickers and GIFs to my Insta stories, both on my personal and business accounts. Stories allow you to be a little more casual with your posts, and stickers can help share your personality or mood and up the engagement of the post.

Did you know you can create and use your own stickers?custom instagram stories stickers

If you have an Instagram account for your musical, you can create a custom sticker with your musical’s logo to post on your stories! Cool, huh!

Here’s How to Create Your Custom Sticker for Instagram Stories:

1. Create a transparent GIF or PNG of your musical’s logo. Giphy is a good online tool to use if you want to do it yourself. Rather have a custom sticker built for you? We can do it! Email us here.

2. Start your Instagram story. Select your photo, video, selfie, etc. first and get it set like you want it.

3. Save your sticker to your phone’s camera roll. Go to the sticker in your cameral roll and click on the “share” icon (it’s the square with the arrow coming out of it).

create gif image 1

4. A screen will pop up with sharing options. Click “Copy.”

create gif image 2

5. Open up Instagram again (your started story should be there like you left it). The sticker should automatically pop up.

create gif image 3

6. Boom! Add your sticker and place where and how you want! Then finish your post as you normally would using text, hashtags, location, etc. (For this one, I went back and made the sticker white so it would show up better.)

create gif image 4

Need a custom sticker or show art made? Give us a shout

We want to see your posts and stories! Tag @musicalwriters and let’s see what you’re up to!

MusicalWriters.com sticker

Try it out with this one! Just right click on the image and select “save as” and save to your phone or computer. Want more? Click here!