Author: Noel Katz

A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line follows many protagonists and so must quickly introduce them in ways that delineate them and make us root for them individually.

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In some ways, 1776 feels very much like a straight play. Pages and pages go by in between songs, and we’re often listening to well-articulated political arguments. But 1776 is very much a musical. If at times it sounds like light opera, it’s because the composer is trying to convey, musically, a sense of the period in which it’s set.

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Into the Woods

Here’s a show that’s so lean – that rushes, without pausing, to do so many things “that it’s actually tiring to watch. There’s much to be admired in Into the Woods, and cutting out fat is usually a good idea, but there’s very little to be emulated.

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Studying Musicals: West Side Story

One of the undisputed masterpieces of musical theatre, West Side Story began as an idea called East Side Story. Director/choreographer Jerome Robbins and composer Leonard Bernstein wanted to set Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in modern dress, dealing with contemporary prejudices.

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