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I was so hyped after Wicked’s 15th Anniversary special last night, I couldn’t go to sleep for hours! Miss it? Watch A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway here.

Wicked is the show that thrust me into my musical theatre performance and writing career. I have never been more moved—utterly captivated—at the power of a show to blast truths of love, determination, friendship, and integrity into darkened corners of my heart. Wanting to move others in the same manner, Wicked issued the call to the theatre stage and  I will love it #forgood!

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My most favorite part of Wicked’s 15th Anniversary NBC tribute—that genuinely moved me to tears—was when composer Stephen Schwartz came out during the finale. His countenance was radiant with delight and gratitude. I snapped this at a perfect moment between he and original Glinda Kristin Chenoweth.

Stephen Schwartz and Kristin Chenoweth in A Very Wicked Halloween #wicked15

Kristin Chenoweth and composer Stephen Schwartz in NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween #wicked15

Speaking of Stephen Schwartz, let’s announce the winner of Stephen’s must-read biography DEFYING GRAVITY (by MusicalWriters founder Carol de Giere).

Drum roll…..

Congratulations Patrick Burns! 

And thank you to all who entered and helped build our MusicalWriters community!

Want a copy of DEFYING GRAVITY? It has officially released and can be purchased now on Amazon.

I’ve met Stephen many times, and his commitment to mentoring musical theatre writers is always evident. Sit in the room with him and soak up wisdom from the master in this wonderful journey through his creative career.

Want a copy signed by Stephen or to read more about the new release? Read our article here or visit Carol’s site at

Happy 15th Anniversary Wicked! Here’s to many more!

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