Holly Reed and Carol de Giere

Holly and Carol on one of their musical theatre adventures!

We’re so glad you’re here!

You’ll notice we’ve changed things up a bit, but it’s still the same great content, tips, opportunities and inspiration you know and love about MusicalWriters.com. A special thanks to Carol de Giere for her tireless work over the years collecting valuable interviews and information.

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Now the next order of business is this: We want you to know this is a site FOR musical writers BY musical writers. Those of us in the grind. I’m in a writers’ group and a mastermind group, and let me tell you I’ve learned SO much from being in the room (or on a Skype call) with other writers. Whether talking through challenges, celebrating victories, or sharing tips and tools, we all benefit from sharing this musical writing life with each other. It’s not a competition (well, maybe it is sometimes….when we’re all shooting for that same festival slot or that one producer’s eye…), but most of the time, it’s a tight community. So instead of staying in our corner and guarding our territory, let’s open up and be vulnerable. The times I’ve nervously presented work to peers, well, it’s actually been quite liberating. Because most people I’ve come across in the theatre world genuinely want their fellow artists to succeed.

I need encouragement from someone else in the trenches, so that’s the purpose of MusicalWriters.com. Let’s do this together. Glad you’re here!


P.S. Interested in being a guest contributor? Shoot me an email at hollyr@musicalwriters.com. Let’s chat soon.