After shining a spotlight on 20 different MusicalWriters Academy Members since 2021, we decided it was time to focus on the lady behind the piano (and the computer, and all of the other places): Rebecca Lowrey, CEO of

Rebecca is also a premier music director, vocal coach, and accompanist in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, New York City, and everywhere in between.  Internet sleuths may also recognize her from TikTok, where her popular #DuetWithMe videos encourage thousands of performers to #KeepSinging.

Rebecca standing in front of a reading cast

How did you get started working on musicals?

Rebecca Lowrey:  Played for my first musical at 12 – Sound of Music – never stopped – never looked back. I’ve music-directed countless shows since then.

What are you working on right now?

RL:  What am I not working on? (laughs) But seriously, I’ve got a few irons in the fire, always looking for that next big thing that’s going to challenge me and push the boundaries of what we can do in musical theater.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned from your MusicalWriters journey that you’d like to share?

RL:  Oh man, the biggest thing? You can’t make everyone happy – and that’s totally okay. I’ve learned to focus on the stuff that really matters to me, the projects that light a fire in my heart. If I’m gonna pour my soul (read: time and energy) into something, it better be something I believe in, you know? 

Theatre doesn’t pay enough – and it never will – so take the jobs that you’d willingly do for free. 

On a serious note, I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned from MW is how important it is to solicit, navigate, and ultimately, implement feedback on your new work. The writers who do this well have the brightest paths ahead of them.

Making musicals isn’t easy. What’s your “why” in supporting musical writers?

RL: Covid really clarified for me that I’m done with Mamma Mia and Sound of Music. Directors are working too hard these days to “make” shows less racist – less misogynistic – less homophobic – and I’d rather just start with material that isn’t problematic in the first place. I’m all in on telling stories that truly matter – stories by women, non-binary folks, trans folks, people from all walks of life. It’s time their voices are heard loud and clear.

What was your most memorable moment from the Musical Writers Festival this year?

RL:  Seeing a writer hear their song performed live for the first time never gets old. Their faces light up, and it’s just pure magic. Plus, getting to show off the insane talent we have in Dallas/Fort Worth is always a highlight for me.

Click here to purchase access to all the 2023 Festival performance recordings.

What’s your proudest accomplishment as part of MusicalWriters?

RL:  Getting to the point where we are reaching monthly staged readings, almost weekly table reads, and actually seeing writers watch their shows come to life. There’s nothing like it. It feels like we’re really making a difference, one musical at a time.

Members of the Musical Writers Academy have the opportunity to submit staged readings several times a year as part of their membership. Click here to learn more. Academy membership is open now!

Do you have any regular collaborators?

RL:  Way too many crazy creative individuals to create a comprehensive list – but yeah, I’ve got my dream team – Sienna Riehle, Jessie Wallace, Jason Solis, Brian Hathaway, Brian Christensen, and Ben Phillips – to name just a few! They’re all insanely talented and just get it. We vibe so well together, and honestly, they make everything I do a million times better.

What do you love about

RL: We’re shaking things up and proving that you don’t need to be in NYC to create and develop incredible theater. There’s so much talent outside of Broadway and we’re here to showcase that. It’s about time the rest of the world caught on.

What is your favorite musical-related (tech) tool?

RL: ChatGPT, believe it or not. It’s like having a brainstorming buddy who’s always there, ready to throw ideas around. Super helpful for when I’ve got a long to-do list to tackle.

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What’s the best way to get better as a musical writer?

RL:  Go see as many musicals as you can, especially the ones still figuring themselves out.

Do you have a website?  What tool or service did you use to create it?

RL:  This one! was designed and is maintained by our former CEO, Holly Reed. Reach out to her for all your graphic and web design needs. I would also be lost without the team at Firelight – they host and manage both this site and my personal  

Do you use social media?  Which platform is your favorite?

RL:  Facebook is my comfort zone. Because I’m old. Instagram is my least comfy – but I’m learning and getting better and bolder each day. During Covid, I had such a great time with TikTok and I hope someday to have the bandwidth again in the future to pop back into that world.

Just for fun: What’s your favorite “guilty pleasure” album to listen to on repeat?

RL:  HOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUM by Beyoncé. It’s just non-stop energy and inspiration. I listen to it anytime I need to recharge my batteries.

Lightning Round with Rebecca Lowrey

Coffee or tea? Half/half iced tea.
Cats or dogs? Miniature schnauzers. They’re the best.
Digital or analog? Digital, all the way.
Fly solo or team up?  Team up. The more, the merrier.
Pizza or Hamburgers? Can’t go wrong with a good cheeseburger – mustard – all the veggies.
Road trip or fly?  Both – currently, I’m in a car or a plane almost as much as I’m grounded.
City, Country, or Suburbs? ALL THREE – when I’m in NYC – it’s all city. Super country when I’m in Arkansas. Queen of the suburbs when I’m in DFW!
Flip Flops or Crocs?  Flip flops.
Apple or Android? Apple. Can’t live without my iPhone.
Most recently used emojis? 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃💯
Last thing you texted? “I have no idea either”
Three things within arms reach right now?  Skittles. Water. Firestick remote.

What is one question you wish we would have asked?

Do you sleep? Ever?

Rebecca Lowrey is passionate about creating new works and has spent the past 20 years as a premier music director, vocal coach, and accompanist in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, New York City, and everywhere in between. The impressive ability to play anything put in front of her has gained her entry to elite casting rooms, production meetings, rehearsals, and beyond, resulting in a unique skill set that spans more than just music — simply put, she knows what works for a musical. A director and producer as well, Rebecca is adept at getting new shows up on their feet in record time, all while efficiently coordinating the long list of to-dos required to prepare a show for an audience.

Rebecca is a champion of diverse casting and production teams (#WomenDirect) and has the pull and connections to assemble unforgettable, live, onstage bands. In 2017, Rebecca began producing a series of intimate productions known as the Living Room Concerts. Starting with simple piano-only performances in her living room with friends, the series expanded to poolside parties and festive holiday gatherings. Her pre-Covid directing credits include the critically acclaimed production of the rock musical Lizzie at Imprint Theatreworks in Dallas, a lauded run of Gutenberg! The Musical! at Amphibian Stage in Fort Worth, and a Rocky Horror Show and 9 to 5 that celebrated the uniqueness of its performers. Now she is 100% committed to the creation and development of new musical works. 

You may also recognize Rebecca from TikTok, where her popular #DuetWithMe videos encourage thousands of performers to #KeepSinging. Rebecca earned her bachelor of arts degree in music (with a minor in business administration) from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.