The MusicalWriters Academy serves musical theatre writers in all phases of writing by providing a safe place that fosters acceptance, progresses development, maintains privacy and facilitates collaboration. The Academy is a space for like-minded creatives to connect through opportunities that can yield solutions to problems and encourage a “pay-it-forward” mentality through shared knowledge and experiences is writing, development, and producing. is excited to announce their partnership with Rebecca Lowrey (Accompany Musicals) to provide cost-free semi-staged readings for Academy members.

Rebecca Lowrey Headshot

Rebecca Lowrey, Accompany Musicals

A highly sought-after musical director and producer, Rebecca Lowrey has a unique insight into what makes a show successful thanks to her years of experience behind the piano and in the rehearsal room. In 2017, she began producing a series of intimate Living Room Concerts in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Starting with simple piano-only performances in her living room with friends, the series expanded into poolside performances and festive holiday gatherings. These free, semi-staged concerts embody Rebecca’s favorite pastimes; friends getting together to make music. The pandemic clarified Rebecca’s desire to focus her energy on producing and performing new musical works.

In addition to providing staged readings for writers who participate in the MusicalWriters Development Series, the new Academy Reading Series will provide free, live and in-person readings for Academy member’s musicals selected through a new Pitch Night opportunity. After submitting, writers will be selected to pitch their musical live via Zoom to directors, producers and members of our theatre community. Think ‘Shark Tank’ for new musical works! Every other month one show will be selected for a free semi-staged reading produced and directed by Rebecca Lowrey.

The Process

  • Be sure you’re an Academy Member!
  • Submit all required materials (see below) by the submission deadline.
  • Selected submissions will pitch their show on a live Pitch Night
  • The selected show will submit final script and score (integrated if possible) for reading
  • Writers will need to be available to communicate with the Academy Readings Series team as needed to prep/finalize
  • The Reading is completely free to the writer, including director, actors, musicians, and rehearsal and performance space.*
  • Writers are invited to the reading but are responsible for travel and accommodations.

Submission Requirements

Please be sure all materials are properly formatted and sent as PDFs.

  • Full Script with cover sheet (include contact information)
  • 1 Page Synopsis
  • Character List with character descriptions and vocal ranges
  • Piano/Vocal Score
  • Production History and Collaborator Bios
  • 5 demo recordings (if available)

*The actors, musicians, rehearsal space and performance location are selected by and are at the sole discretion of the Academy Reading Series director. If special requests are made regarding any of these, extra costs may be incurred and are the responsibility of the writers.

Submission dates will be made available to Academy members. To join Academy, click here.