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Join in an exciting and informative discussion as Broadway Producers share how the “business of the business” operates!

Ever wonder how a show gets to Broadway? Or how writers get paid? No matter where you are in the process, knowing the nuts and bolts of the Broadway business will help you have informed expectations as you move forward in development.

Business of Broadway aims to demystify the process of creating and producing a Broadway show and to offer theatre makers (and all those interested in the process) valuable insight into the world of commercial theatre producing at large.

In this session, the Business of Broadway founders will examine how a show is produced and examine the underlying business model that fuels that process.

Date: Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 3pm EST

Run time: 60 minutes (followed by a 30 minute private Q&A session for Academy Members)

Price: $29.99 / Member Price: $24.99
*Classes are non-refundable. No refunds will be given in the case of missed attendance.

From our Instructors:

“I was inspired to found Business of Broadway when a composer turned to me on the subway and said, ‘So I know Lin-Manuel Miranda is making a ton of money from Hamilton, but how exactly is he making it?!’ In that moment I realized the extent to which the business side of the business is never discussed with artists – down to how they themselves get paid!”
~ Erica Rotstein – theatre producer, talent manager, and educator


“Given and despite theatre’s long history, we still believe that a more equitable (and viable!) theatrical business model is possible. My hope is that our classes help build a collective – a group of theatre makers who want to build off of our shared knowledge to find, mold, and activate that new and improved model.”
~ Heather Shields – award-winning producer and theatre manager.


“We believe that one the of the fundamental tenets of any collaborative process must be transparency. There’s simply no way to build trust, respect, or space for open and honest communication without it. We strive to inspire more effective, less hierarchical collaborations by abolishing the iron curtain that so often exists between artists and the ‘business folk’ who bring their work to life.”
~ Rachel Sussman – Tony Award-nominated producer and a co-founder of The MITTEN Lab.

“Commercial theatre relies on a marriage of art and commerce – neither can exist without the other. Producers wouldn’t have anything to do if writers did not create! Our hope is to offer artists and creatives some fluency in the ‘other side’ to empower you in your work and help make the industry the best it can be.”
~ Dana M. Lerner – Tony Award-nominated theatre producer and founder/CEO of Red Pelican Creative.


Business of Broadway staff

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About Business of Broadway

The commercial theatre industry relies on a marriage of art and commerce. And yet, within the industry, there is often an unacknowledged iron curtain between those who identify first and foremost as artists, and those who make the business decisions. Business of Broadway recognized this divide and saw space to illuminate how the business of the business operates in order to transform the way artists and producers collaborate. And the Business of Broadway was born. The goal is to pull back the curtain and democratize the business knowledge that has so often been withheld and therefore perpetuated a hierarchical system with producers situated at the top. By empowering you with deeper insight into how the artistry and economics interplay, our aim is not only to lay the groundwork for more effective and nonhierarchical future collaborations, but also allow you to urgently challenge the ways in which the business has historically operated and consider how we can build a better industry model that serves everyone when we can gather again.

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