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Helping Characters Land Through Song

Audiences need to discover a unique protagonist to whom they can attach themselves and follow as he pursues a powerful goal. The goal is the hook. Pursuing it is what keeps the audience invested in the protagonist and his story.

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Writing Lyrics: With a Song in Their Hearts

Steve Cuden offers his perspective on the kinds of storytelling suited to show tune lyrics. For anyone refining their lyric writing skills, or for those newly exploring how to write lyrics for musicals, Cuden brings up some important considerations.

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In order to keep an audience on its toes, most writers will lead the protagonist (and the audience) toward certain assumptions and conclusions, only to turn the tables, revealing that those assumptions and conclusions are invalid or untrue or counter expectation. Such twists frequently lead to “Aha!” moments of understanding. Most of these can be thought of as epiphanies. This is no less true for musicals than for any other kind of storytelling.

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Sweet Treatments

In this guest post, writer Steve Cuden sheds light on the early phases of writing a new musical, including writing a logline, premise, beat outline, and story treatment. When you complete these pieces of the writing puzzle, you’ll have something substantial to share with potential collaborators, as well as a good foundation for further work.

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