The Player’s Theatre Self-Production Residency is dedicated to helping original plays and musicals move to an Off Broadway or New York run.  Through mentoring and a theatre subsidy this program is meant to help creative teams self-produce their show.


The Players Theatre Self-Production residency accepts applications bi-annually on September 1 and March 1. (Click here to submit).

Preferred Cast Size

Any size is accepted, but they recommend a cast of no more than 6 to 8.

Preferences on Musical Style, Genre, or Theme

No preference.

Prerequisites or requirements for the writer (gender, race, location, etc.)?

The only requirement is the writer needs to be in New York to produce their show. If they don’t live in NY, they need to be prepared to move to NY for the 3-6 week period.

What is the general process after submission?

Submissions are evaluated by a panel of 10 adjudicators. The panel is looking at artist excellence at this stage. Once the show passes this round, an interview is set up at the theatre. In the interview, they will be looking to see if the writer would also be a good self-producer (with our assistance). If all goes well, we then offer the show a slot in either our black box or main stage for a 3 to 6 week run.

What are some reasons a writer would submit to your program?

The residency is meant as a next step for a show looking to have a run in NYC. Most shows applying have had a reading and maybe have been in a festival. If they’re not picked up by a theatre company or commercial producer, this residency is meant as a good way to keep the development of the show moving forward.

What do you provide (staged reading, workshop, full production, etc.)?

If selected writers will be self producing their show under the guidance of the Players Theatre. They will have use of the theatre for a 3 to 6 week run for basically a split of the box office. This includes lights and sound, box office manager, house manager and a board operator. Writers can apply if they have a producer already attached to their show. The deal is the same.

What is the general timeline after submission?

We begin interviews within a few weeks after the submission deadline. We get many more submissions than we have slots for each round, so writers are always encouraged to reapply if they’re not offered a slot this round. Submissions are accepted by September 1st and March 1st each year.

What do you hope is the outcome from a writer’s participation in your program?

We hope the writers finish the residency with a clear understanding of how to self produce in a fiscally responsible way. At the beginning of the residency, we always make a budget using conservative box office numbers. We try to keep shows inside these numbers with the goal to make a profit. Hopefully the show will move on to licensing or a bigger run but if not we want the writer to walk away having made some money and ready to self produce their next show.

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