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Book Club

The Secret Life of the American Musical

by Jack Viertel

Ready to learn "how Broadway shows are built?" We're discussing Jack Viertel's book, so get your copy and let's learn together.

Next up: Chapter 10 - Tevye's Dream (Tent Poles).

Book Club: The Secret Life of the American Musical

“If I Loved You” – Conditional Love Songs

Not every show has a love story at its core, but most do. It can take the form of romantic love, familial love, friendly love, or passion for life, but (in a good story) the heart of the protagonist is always on fire for someone or something.

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La Vie Bohéme – Curtain, Act One

If the audience is allowed to push the pause button and re-enter the reality—and mental hijack—of crowds, bathroom lines, and social media updates, then the creative team better have a carefully devised plan on how to keep at least a little hook in an audience member’s brain during intermission.

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Clambake: Curtain Up Act Two

The audience has stretched their legs, endured the line to the loo, and checked their email and the likes on their selfie with the night’s Playbill. The lights dim, and it’s time for Curtain Up: Act Two.

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